Benedikte webcam

Robert Vamosi: How does something like this progress? You look at a few things, and then it becomes like what about this, what about this, what about this, and you just keep discovering new things. That got me thinking if I can find machines on the Internet that shouldn’t be on the Internet by way of the tool, what else can I find? I searched for the most egregious thing I could think, like IIF5 and found many, many instances of IIF5. It goes around the Internet and collects banners from different HTTP services.

As I refined my searches to be less novelty and more, let’s do interesting stuff was actually there, one thing led to another. In one case, if you search for BOA, capital B O A, space, 0.92/A, you’ll find a whole bunch of devices on the Internet that are running this BOA invented Web server, and a good lot of them are cameras.

Godt over halvveis i løpet kaster Hege Tomine Hodnemyr og Sara Knutsen seg ned, andpustne og røde i kinnene.

Knutsen med skadet kne.– Det er ikke noe gøy, sier hun om skaden.

Über die Jahrhunderte haben Klöster und Mönche ein besonderes Verhältnis zu Büchern entwickelt, das man Freundschaft nennen darf.

Ottilieninfo ist der elektronische Infodienst der Erzabtei St. Wir verschicken Nachrichten aus dem Kloster, Hinweise auf Gottesdienste, Konzerte und Ausstellungen als Email an alle Abonnenten.

I’m working with my friend Paul Mc Millan, who’s done a lot of the sort of behind the scenes legwork in terms of the coding.

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This show originally was broadcast November 8, 2013. I do freelance information security consulting, and my latest hobby has been finding things that shouldn’t be connected to the Internet by way of a search engine called Shodan.

Today my guest is Dan Tentler, Penetration Tester and Network Security Consultant at Rapid7. I have scaled this to a point where I have found such an egregiously large number of things on the Internet that, I mean, I needed to start automating the process of discovery in terms of [indecipherable ] Shodan and then parsing the results.