Change ftp password updating

step-4: Copy below code and paste it into access console where you have to specify your plugin directory path and then hit enter.The default login and password are: login: bitnami Ubuntu password: It is saved automatically in the application config file, for instance for Word Press take a look at the /opt/bitnami/apps/wordpress/htdocs/file and search for FTP_PASS entry.This article explains the step by step process on how to change the password for any FTP user on your server. On the right hand side right click on any user you wish to change the password for and click set password. Click on Proceed on the warning box then type in the new password and click ok.This user must be created before you can follow this process. Login to your Dynamic Dedicated Server through Remote Desktop as an administrative user. Click on the start menu and then click on control panel. Double click on administrative tools and open Server Manager by double clicking on it. Expand Configuration by clicking on the then click on the next to Local Users and Groups. More info on the Word Press Forum: This is user's permission problem that will be solved by method given below that worked for me.

When I am trying to install a new theme, it is asking for FTP credentials, but I don't know what to insert.

c Panel passwords cannot be retrieved, only reset via WHM.

To reset c Panel passwords, please log into your WHM panel.

If you do not have the WHM panel details, please open a support ticket.

If you have questions or need support, please visit the Plesk forum or contact your hosting provider.