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For La Rose, whose online name was Jihad Jane, it was the second time the FBI had questioned her that summer. As a recent convert to Islam, she wanted to learn as much as possible. She was thinking about it, she told the agent, but there had been a death in the family - a heart attack had just taken her boyfriend's father. When the agent asked for a way to keep in touch, La Rose gave him her cell number. She gathered ,000 in cash and packed three suitcases.Irish students pay some of the highest fees in Europe, and the world.With some media outlets predicting costs could increase even further.If you'd like to write something for Spun please contact [email protected] today’s media, we have couples and romance shoved in our face from every angle. Last week I saw a couple engaging in a very violent shift-a-thon in the student bar in the UCD. Dating in Ireland in these modern times is an experience and a half.