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We show that a novel fragile X–related epigenetic element 2 FMR1 methylation test can be used along with a test for sex-determining region Y (SRY) to provide the option of combined fragile X syndrome and sex chromosome aneuploidy newborn screening.

Fragile X–related epigenetic element 2, SRY, and FMR1 CGG repeat analyses were performed on blood and saliva DNA, and in adult and newborn blood spots.

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In addition, they and 47, XYY individuals have been reported to be at increased risk for autism spectrum disorder, We have developed a high-throughput FXS test targeting methylation of specific biomarker Cp G sites within the FMR1 intron 1 region named fragile X–related epigenetic element 2 (FREE2).

The test uses matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry system that can provide automated methylation analysis of thousands of DNA samples daily, at a lower cost as compared with standard FXS testing.

Ironically, it is almost at par to the angular declination of the Earth relative to the Sun.

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There is so much confusion about Chaga especially when it comes to understanding exactly how this unique fungus reproduces.

The fact remains that mycologists and scientists still don't know for sure, but can only speculate, on the sex life of the Chaga Mushroom.