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That means that the brand name from the first manufacturer of Topiramate was Topamax and it was made and marketed by Ortho-Mc Neil in 1996.The branded version of Topamax became available as a generic in 2009.

Generic drugs, including generic Topamax are not the same as the original branded drug, although they are very similar and are widely viewed to be as effective as their branded counterparts. Currently available formulations include: Topamax is a widely prescribed seizure and migraine medicine.Also the authors noted that the long-term effects have not been studied.Dispensing errors have been reported between Topamax (topiramate) tablets and Toprol-XL (metoprolol succinate) extended-release tablets thereby requiring extra care to ensure the correct medication is being taken.[2] People taking topiramate should be aware of the following risks: The U. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has notified prescribers that topiramate can cause acute myopia and secondary angle closure glaucoma in a small subset of people who take topiramate regularly.The following products are equivalent to Topamax and have been approved by the FDA: Note: Fraudulent online pharmacies may attempt to sell an illegal generic version of Topamax.These medications may be counterfeit and potentially unsafe. Patent and Trademark Office at any time during a drug's development and may include a wide range of claims.