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Many online merchants who use live chat on their stores have seen significant increases in sales. According its founder, Gregg Weisstein, shoppers are 11 times more likely to convert when engaged in live chat.

Similarly, David Handmaker of Next Day Flyers, an online printing company, told me that live chat has boosted his site’s conversion rates.

Once you set it up go to "connect" in the top left corner, then in the address slot type "nodoteamspeak.servegame.com:9124", and use whatever username you want. Whilst Teamspeak is generally geared towards our PC players who prefer an excellent voice chat experience rather than text, anyone is welcome to join the TS server for some live game chat.

There is a basic text chat element to TS which you are welcome to use but it really shines when it comes to voice chat, and when you open the program for the first time you'll be asked to configure your microphone/headset to give the best sound quality possible.

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2, 1952, matters because you can be entitled to a higher standard deduction if you and/or your spouse are 65 and older.

Download TS3 here and download/install the app for your OS to your computer.

Live chat can therefore be an effective tool in lowering your site’s bounce rate and shopping cart abandonments.

You can use it to convince undecided consumers who have questions but don’t want to call on the telephone.

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